All of our program groups at  provide similar components just in different forms and locations .. The following overview from one of these programs Southern Oaks Therapeutic Boarding School and Youth programs for troubled teens schools for troubled teens here will give you a good basic break-down and feeling of how our process works and the basic structural philosophy ....Our process is fairly simple... we simply work your child's proverbial butt off with daily Accredited Academics, chores and tasks that develop slowly a great work ethic.  Hard work moves them out of entitlement and back into personal accountability and strangely enough, full vested in service to others.  As they lose themselves in this service to something other then themselves we have found that they "find" their best self in the process of time. This best self is the child you once had before the world came in and stole that person away through the influence of Drugs, bad Peers, and social media to name a few. At Southern Oaks Therapeutic Boarding School behavioral health services We service behavioral health services north, gateway behavioral health services, behavioral health services inc, behavioral health services of south Georgia and behavioral health services of Florida, New York, California, Texas   Youth programs for troubled teens  therapeutic Boarding Schools, Youth programs for troubled teens, Boarding schools for girls, Boot camps

The following daily schedule gives you a good overview of what a normal day with us is like;

Monday through Saturday                                     
6:30 AM Arise, clean room and personal space; set daily goals in journal; shower
7:30 AM. Exercise facility hike.
8:30 AM Feed horses or cows
9:30 AM Breakfast and seminary/scripture study

10:30 AM Virtual School
12:30PM Lunch
1:30 PM Virtual School
3:30 PM Equine therapies, grooming horses, or Farm work
5:30 PM Feed horses or cows, prepare for dinner
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Remedial work and ranch activities
8:30 PM Recreational Activity
9:45 PM Journal writing
10:00 PM Lights out

Administration: The team at Southern Oaks has many years of experience working with mental behavioral health services with troubled youth. highly qualified in mental health services and truly care about the students under their care. They are real mentors and youth role models

Academics: We assist parents and students in enrolling in online courses accepted by their local school system, in order to provide a seamless transition between that system and the educational opportunities at Southern Oaks. All students work toward their ultimate goals of graduation and future career choices. Some situations may require the student to graduate high school while enrolled at Southern Oaks troubled teen boarding school.

The Gift of Work and Diet: At Southern Oaks students are taught the value of hard work in every aspect of their lives. Our young people help grow much of their own food in our beautiful, completely organic garden in our boarding schools for girls. produce from this garden, integrated into diet, helps stabilize students'  blood sugar levels. This creates serenity, balanced physical and mental state

Ethics and Moral Education and Therapy:  It is a common belief that the study of scripture and religious and ethics training will do more to change bad behavior than the study of such behavior. Our experience has shown that a daily seminary class including prayer and scripture study combined with weekly church attendance enhance the student's ability to make appropriate choices. Therapy is an integral part of the basic three-month process and may be continued at the discretion of parents or guardians throughout the remainder of the student's enrollment

Study Abroad Service Trips; Special Activities: Spanish Language Immersion, American Culture and History often in the summer--December, January, February Christmas Mission Trip in Costa Rica: An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in our mission service program while involved in our Spanish language immersion program. This is held at our Language Institute, at our sister program Teen Discovery Costa Rica

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