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Youth Programs.com loves this Video and feels  Ashton Crushes this issue out of the Park

Ashton Kutcher tells it like it is and it is right in line with the philosophy that we have at All of our program groups at Youthprograms.com  ,,,, We provide similar components just in different forms and locations .. The following overview from one of these programs Palmetto Therapeutic Boarding School and Youth programs for troubled teens schools for troubled teens here will give you a good basic break-down and feeling of how our process works and the basic structural philosophy ....Our process is fairly simple... we simply work your child's proverbial butt off with daily Accredited Academics, chores and tasks that develop slowly a great work ethic.  Hard work moves them out of entitlement and back into personal accountability and strangely enough, full vested in service to others.  As they lose themselves in this service to something other then themselves we have found that they "find" their best self in the process of time. This best self is the child you once had before the world came in and stole that person away through the influence of Drugs, bad Peers, and social media to name a few- Youth Programs

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